Thursday, May 1, 2008

Conversational Hypnosis - Discover What Other Successful People Already Know

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A growing number of successful people today have discovered a strategy from the medical community called conversational hypnosis. While usually used in a clinical setting with patients to help them solve problems, this tactic is often used by sales executives, parents and singles to get others to see things their way - whatever that may be.

Just A Bit Of History

In a doctor-patient relationship, conversational methods are intended to get the patient thinking and talking about their situation in a comfortable, safe setting. By starting casual interaction with the patient, the therapist can begin to build rapport and trust. By encouraging active engagement in the conversation, the therapist will often guide the patient to make his or her own conclusions that will result in healing or finding a solution to the problem at hand.

Interestingly, when someone comes up with their own resolutions through a thoughtful process like this one, their decision carries greater weight because it is their own. The therapist didn't just listen to the problem and give advice. But rather, the patient was skillfully guide to the answer and believed it was their own idea and became committed to the solution. Don't underestimate how powerful this is.

Getting What You Want - On Demand

How successful would you be if you had the ability to talk to someone and have them believe the point you were making - without them realizing you were making a point?

For example, if you are a salesperson you may have used this strategy with a bit of success. You start by getting your lead talking and you try to lead them to the conclusion that they need to have whatever it is you're selling. If you think back on successful sales presentations, you may notice that a bit of customers just seemed to sell themselves. Whether you realized it or not, you may have employed some of these conversational strategies. Imagine if you realized all the tactics and could make this happen on command?

Others choose to use these strategies with getting dates. Don't you think it would be better to build a relationship with someone who realized on his or her own that you were the perfect catch rather than you telling them it was so? When someone decides something for themselves it has more power than if someone else were to give them an opinion. By the art of conversational hypnosis, you can convince someone to make the conclusion you want them to and they will think it was their idea all along.

Isn't it time things started going your way? You can start learning conversational hypnosis now and start using techniques right away that can make positive changes a reality for you.

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